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Recently, I was thinking back on my life....examining each season, remembering events, and recalling childhood memories. My mind eventually settled on an encounter that I have thought of from time to time, although it's not a spectacular moment.

I hadn't been married very long and was visiting a friend.  The friend's mom was there with us as we chatted about things going on in our lives. Eventually the conversation took a turn to my life. Specifically me "staying with" certain standards I had been taught and that my Dad always held us to.
This wasn't the first time someone older than me had questioned my decisions and expressed doubt at the possibility that I would "adhere to my upbringing" once I was out from under my parent's home.
After questioning me about several things, the mom said, "No one can be perfect."
I responded with, "If perfection was the goal, we'd all be in trouble." There was so much more I wanted t…

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